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Keynote and Speaking Engagements

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'Truly inspirational - a must-see'

An inspirational keynote speech has the power to move and motivate teachers and leaders from all backgrounds, in all contexts. Using his truly unique background in education as a teacher and leader in some of the most deprived areas of the country, Jonny draws on his extensive experience to deliver thought provoking, inspirational and genuinely moving keynote speeches.


With a rare blend of authenticity and humour, Jonny is able to craft engaging and inspiring points from a range of topics, or topics bespoke to a department or specific context. For more information, and to book Jonny to appear at your event, get in touch today.

What our clients say

  • Engineering Lecturer, North West
    'It was exactly what we needed - inspirational and just full of energy. We were talking about it for weeks afterwards and made us genuinely laugh, as well as think.'

  • Vice Principal, South West
    'Fantastic delivery style and everyone was so engaged. We're looking forward to having Jonny back next year to deliver again at our annual CPD day.'

  • Director of TLA and Quality, Yorkshire
    'We'd been looking for someone to speak about some of the challenges which had been impacting us over the last 18 months. Jonny was so knowledgeable and his delivery style meant everyone left the room inspired. Really thought provoking.' 

  • Sports Lecturer, Yorkshire
    'Absolutely knew his stuff and had the entire room in the palm of his hand. Really excited to see him back at the college again in the next few months.'

  • Head of Dept, London 
    'Jonny delivered to over 100 people at our CPD day - I've heard nothing but positive words about his keynote and we'll be looking at many of the points he discussed when we get down to planning for next year.'

  • Assistant Principal, South East
    'We just have to get him back - really funny, totally engaging and the staff loved it. A pleasure to have him in and excited to see him again soon.'

To book a course, or discuss how I can support your team, get in touch

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‘Jonny’s session was fantastic: his style of delivery is engaging and relevant to all that stand at the front of a classroom.  His understanding and experience of the challenging landscapes of student behaviour ensures that he is a credible and inspirational voice in the sector.’

Vice Principal, South-West based college

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