I am an English teacher and Head of Department working in a college in the North East of England. Having started teaching in my mid twenties, I trained as an English teacher and have worked in a range of educational settings (surviving most of them). 

Having worked in challenging schools in the North East and having worked abroad, I returned to the UK five years ago. I have since worked as an English teacher, Second in Department, HoD and have spent the past two years working as Head of English and maths in a Further Education college, where I am lucky enough to work with an innovative and  extremely talented team.

I am writing this blog as a means to become a more reflective teacher and leader, so that I can become better at what I do and support others to do the same. I also hope to use this blog as a means to communicate and engage with Outstanding teachers and leaders, and shamelessly steal their ideas. 

I have been lucky enough to work with some phenomenal people over the years, none more so than my wife who continues to help me reflect and show me how to be a good dad to our two year old. Hopefully this blog reflects the hard work and support they have put in. 

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